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Problem Solving Techniques

Activate Your Creativity with Hemi-Sync! Find the best Problem Solving Techniques with Hemi Sync to activate your creativity and learn to focus your mind and brain to peak-performance.

Problem Solving Techniques

The best way to find creative solutions to your problems is with a fully focussed state of mind or consciousness. These beautifully composed problem solving techniques with verbal guidance and metamusic albums, both mixed with the mind-enhancing Hemi-Sync technology will help you get your brain into peak performance.

Each album contains a powerful problem solving excercise to listen to and learn at the comfort of your own home and once learned, apply them to any given situation in your life.

Verbally Guided Problem Solving Techniques

The Gateway Experience

Gateway Experience Wave 5 hemi SyncOne of the most powerful tools for expanding your consciousness, activating your creative potential, learning new problem solving techniques and defeating stress is the Gateway Experience Home Study. 

Every exercise is fine-tuned to teach you how to dip into your inner wisdom and find creative solutions, re-connect to your instincts and trust the guidance of your higher self. 

Listen to a 3-min FREE trial online now to get an idea how the Hemi-Sync works. That will give you an idea how this mind expanding Hemi-Sync technology works. 

Subtle Problem Solving Techniques:

Just simply listening to music is often one of the most effective problem solving techniques. When the meditation music is combined with Hemi-Sync the effectiveness is enhanced three-fold.

The following albums are specially suitable for hightened focus, ideal for learning, problem solving, creativity and reducing restless-ness as is often experienced by people with ADHD. 

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