Neurostimulation Device

Neurostimulation Devices were developed and designed to put all users in the mindset to boost their brain’s potential through mild electrical stimulation, thereby, over time, providing a brain training routine to improve focus, productivity, and memory.

Neurostimulation Devices are an alternative to chemical stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, and other performance enhancers. Use Neurostimulation once a day, for 20 minutes, and realize your potential within, without putting chemical stimulants into your body.


  • ELEVATE YOUR PERFORMANCE with LIFTiD. Designed for students, working professionals, video gamers, musicians and athletes– LIFTiD Neurostimulation is lightweight, easy to use, and developed by a world renowned science team. Maximize attention, focus, and alertness with just 20 minutes of neurostimulation a day. Try the best tDCS headset available. Get LIFTiD today.
  • FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: LIFTiD allows you to maintain a positive mindset and FOCUS on the present to help reduce stress and brain fog. A tDCS headset with NO wires! LIFTiD is intended for recreational use.
  • tDCS MADE EASY: Lightweight (only 70 grams), NO wires and easy to use (Plug ’n Play). Simply wet the pads, put it on and push start. Device will automatically run for 20 minutes at 1.2 mA.
  • TRAVEL SAFE: Rechargeable long lasting lithium-ion battery. Forget looking around for a 9 V battery, the LIFTiD device rechargeable battery is long lasting and quick to charge. Liftid is a hands-free device and doesn’t require a base unit. Completely portable. Use it while sitting, standing, walking or stretching.
  • INCLUDED IN BOX: LIFTiD tDCS Headset Device in Metallic Gray, 6 Reusable Sponge Pads, 1 Foldable Placement Mirror, 1 Plastic Measuring Spoon for Making Saline Solution, 1 Plastic Bottle for Saline, 1 Micro-USB Charging Cable, 1 LIFTiD Storage Bag, 1 User Manual


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