Private Session with Judith

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Book a private consultation sessions with Judith online, guiding you through one of the topics below. The time is GMT + 1, to be exact UK Time. You can book 25, 50 or 90 minutes session. If you want only 1 seesion to get to know each other, you can book it below. If you then should contract more sessions in a pack, you will have the price of the first 25 minutes session discounted.


What is included: 

  • Private Zoom call
  • Assesment of your situation
  • Setting up the goal you want to achieve

Topics we can talk and expand on: 

  • Expansion of Consiousness
  • Hemi-Sync technology as a tool
  • A Course in Miracles as a mind expanding tool
  • Ho’oponopono as tool to a happier life
  • Out of Body Experiences and their meaning
  • Near Death Experiences and their meaning
  • Lucid Dreaming and their meaning
  • Dream work
  • Setting goals & manifestation
  • Wishfulfilment
  • Connecting with your intuition

90 Minute Session includes also: 

  • Selected Hemi-Sync exercise
  • Access to Soundcloud
  • Practical meditation exercise
  • Introduction into the exercise
  • Debriefing after the exercise

What will we talk about: 

  • Where you are in your life
  • Where is your consiousness anquored
  • How to start expanding your consiousness
  • How to become aware of the non-physical
  • What you should do for the daily practice

How to book:

  • You book your first exercise of 25, 50 or 90 minutes.
  • A talking session can be as short at as 25 minutes.
  • A practical Hemi-Sync session takes about 90 – 120 minutes. But you only need to book one 90 minutes session.
  • See the 5 sessions pack here
  • See the 10 sessions pack here
  • The first get to know session will be deducted from your future sessions or session packs.

Booking Conditions:

  • Reservation of your time with full payment possible
  • Full refund for cancellations 48 hours before session start

Booking Procedure:

Make your booking by completing the 3 step online reservation process. If you have a discount code you can apply it in the next booking step. You can cancel your booking without charge up to 48h before the booking date. Rescheduling is possible by sending an email or calling me. To reserve your desired time make an online booking.

Additional information

1 session

1 session of 30 minutes

5 sessions pack

5 sessions


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