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Proof Of Life After Death – Far Journeys

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You will find Proof of Life after Death in Robert Monroe ‘s second book Far Journeys.

He explores the realms of the after life, relives scenes of past lives, travels to the year 3000, shares the wisdom of his guides, glimpses life on other planets and observes the Gathering of entities around our Earth.

25 Years of OBEs

25 years of Out of Body Experiences and exploring altered states of consciousness made Robert Monroe somewhat of an expert in matters of the after life.

In Far Journeys he tells us about his extensive journeys into other realms, where most of us only go after we have left our physical body for good. For many the book has been an important source for the proof of life after death.

Monroe discovered different energy levels or rings around the earth. Close to earth the level of vibrations are lowest. The further away, the higher the vibrations.

Proof Of Life After Death

According to Robert Monroe, when a human dies and leaves the physical body permanently, he becomes consciously aware of his energy body. Whatever his belief system during his last life on earth, he will be attracted to the energy level which resonates with his own belief system at the moment of transition from the physical to the non-physical.

If a person is strongly catholic, for example, she would land in a realm where there is a catholic after life reality created by like-minded souls.

On one journey – triggered by his own sexual arousal – Robert Monroe visited a lower vibrating level, where bodies upon bodies were engaged in constant intercourse – like group sex, obsessed with sex – never getting enough satisfaction.

Then he describes souls who have died, but have not realized or who cannot accept their physical death. They seem to be stuck in the near earth vibrations and are unable to see the light which would lead them into higher realms. Monroe himself became a helper to these so called earthbound souls, trying to make them realize that they have survived physical death.

Even in the after world, it seems, helpers are needed to give proof of life after death to the deceased non-believers of an after-life.

No matter where a recently passed human soul would land, there would always be helpers from higher levels gracefully and patiently trying to make them see another perspective of their current awareness of existence. Always focussed on the intent to raise their vibration.

Far Journeys – Part I

logo with starsRobert Monroe dedicates one chapter to the Hemi Sync technology, one to the Gateway Program and one to the reports of his Explorer Team. The Explorers – a core of 8 – volunteered for numerous and often tiresome Hemi-Sync sessions, to fine tune the technology for its future use.

With time the Explorers had learned to speak aloud while in deep states of trance-like meditation. They report of talking with guides, meeting passed relatives, entering the light and receiving revelations and messages for them selves and others.

After reading Far Journeys you will want to try Hemi-Sync for yourself to the get final proof of life after death. The courses provided by the Monroe Institute facilitate some life-changing revelations and insights.

Far Journeys – Part II

The second part of Far Journeys is dedicated to Robert Monroe’s own Out of Body experiences.

On his extensive journeys into other worlds, Monroe meets a guide whom he calls INSPEC friend. The INSPEC helps him learn Non Verbal Communication (NVC). Monroe relives significant situations of his previous lives. At another occasion he lives through a real life situation over and over again until he gets his motivation and thus his resulting action right. A bit like the movie “Groundhog Day”.

BB – Monroe’s Best Buddy

Very frequently on his astral travels, Monroe meets BB – his best buddy, an entity from the energy system KT-95. BB is kind of hanging around looking for his best friend – AA – who has incarnated many human life times ago. BB tries to get AA back to KT-95, but AA is so addicted to the human life form, that he cannot even remember ever being anything else but a human before.

Monroe takes it upon himself to teach BB what it means to be a human. He shows BB the sleeping schools, where the humans go to during the sleeping hours to learn how to manage a situation in their daily lives.

He shows him the different stages of the afterlife and introduces BB to Lou, who is a highly developed soul and to Charlie who knows that he is dead but who is only waiting to get back to a physical life.

BB explains to Monroe, that AA and himself came on a travel tour of the energy system earth –  like some space tourists. As part of their travel information they received a creation story of the earth.

That creation story basically says that the humans have been created by aliens to produce emotional energy which serves as fuel for the aliens’ energy system. (I wonder where the idea for the movie MATRIX came from.)

The Gathering
Biography of Robert Monroe
Robert Monroe Books

In the last few chapters he has a glimpse or a journey into the possible future of the Earth in year 3000. While there, Monroe can take on the form of any body – animal, wind, water, etc – of the earth for learning purposes. Food is not necessary and can be made for pure pleasure from dirt at will. The human bodies go into a kind hibernation while the mind/soul is busy exploring other aspects of reality. Fascinating! BB is there and his wife Nancy and also AA, but there is some kind of barrier between Monroe and AA.

As he “travels” back to earth to the here and now, he observes in the outer rings many entities that have come to observe this unique universal event in earth history. Monroe calls it The Gathering, which apparently only happens every 87.000.000 years (Later on he develops a program at the Monroe Institute called EXPLORER 27, where the participants have the possibility to explore that Gathering.)

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Expanded States of Consciousness

If you are interested in expanded states of consciousness, this book is a must read. After reading it you will want to participate in a Gateway Voyage at the Monroe Institute to find out for yourself what it is like to be in and perceive another dimension. A sure way to find the proof of life after death.

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