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Free Qigong Classes for Beginners

Lucid Mind Qigong is based in Qigong Flow working towards a profound relaxation and harmony with standing meditations, Qigong movements, soft stretching, breathing and visualisations. Here are a few samples for you to try. Let me know how it goes for you.

Qigong for A Course in Miracles Students

A Course in Miracles is a very powerful mind-training course, which has 356 lessons and takes at least a year to complete. I have begun studying ACIM in 2008. Since then I have done the whole workbook three times. Since September I have started recording the lessons for A Cours in Miracles students. Check out if this is something for you:

ACIM Introduction Class
ACIM Lesson 1
ACIM Lesson 2
ACIM & Qigong Playlist

Qigong Overview & Classes

Weekly Qigong Classes in Gran Canaria

Now you have various possibilities to participate with me in LUCID MIND QIGONG – Chi Kung Gran Canaria. I hold the classes in two languages SPANISH & ENGLISH ( and…

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