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Qigong MASTERCLASS in Maspalomas – OCT 28th, 2022

Hello there! My name is Judith, and I am Qigong Associate Instructor. I invite you to a Taoist QIGONG Masterclass in Maspalomas at the Fitpilates Studio on the 28th of October 2022.

The Taoist Qigong pursues the preservation of health and longevity, and has numerous benefits which you can see here. Daoist Qigong is in perfect harmony with what I desire to share with the world.

The course has three parts:
  1. Introduction to Taoist Qigong (Taichi)
  2. SHIBASHI I Sequence – Meditation in Movement.
  3. EYE QIGONG – Sitting Meditation
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1) What is Taoist Qigong

I am going to breifly explain what Qigong is, how it is related to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the three energy centers or Dantians, the meridians, accupuncture, accupressure, Taichi and Kung-Fu.

2) Shibashi I – Meditation in Movement

Then we are going to do a very popular Qigong Flow – the SHIBASHI I Sequence, which is a very dynamic sequence that activates the Qi Flow in all the meridians of the body while gently stretching the meridians, tendons and muscles and strengthening the joints of the body. The benefits are deep relaxation, balance between mind, emotions and body, and improvement of the circulatory system.  Wonderful way to train mindfulness and meditation in movement.

3) Eye Qigong Meditation – Sitting

Eye Qigong has many benefits: are many. Physically, improve the sight and strengthen the ocular muscles and relax the ocular pressure. It also clears stagnant energy and brings new fresh and healthy energy to the eyes.

Spiritually, Eye Qigong is very effective to activate your intuitive center and one of the first techniques of the Qigong training for inner alchemy. In this exercise you will learn how to use your eyes to spiral Qi into your lower energy center, the Lower Dantian. This will increase your vitality and store energy safely.


The course is free as my purpose is to introduce the powerful Qigong to as many people as possible.  You can leave a voluntary donation if you like to cover the cost of the center and my travelling costs, but it is NOT necessary. My payment will be that you join me in regular weekly classes and Qigong courses, which will teach you a daily practice which you can do on your own.

See the schedule for the weekly classes here.

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      In March I was on holidays. I will be starting again in April 2023 with regular Qigong lessons. Please send me a WhatsApp on +34 649 962 075.
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