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Quotes About Life

General Quotes about Life are often life savers. The most important lesson in life is probably about learning to LET GO and to realize that we are more than just mere bodies.

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our deepest fear

This quote beginning with “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate” has been attributed erroneously to Nelson Mandela, but in fact it is written by Marianne Williamson and first published in her book A Return to Love, which is a reflection on A Course in Miracles.

This quote also made it into two movies, would you believe, namely Invictus and Coach Carter!

Your Mind is not in your Body

YLucid Mind

“Your Mind is not in your Body…” is a quote on What is a Lucid Mind. This is also the main message we receive back from the Near Death Experiences.

What Will Matter in the End

In the end only three things matter

What will matter in the end is how much we loved, how gently we lived and how gracefully we let go of things which were not meant for us. Here again the main factor is to LET GO of what we do not need any more.

Serenity Prayer

Serenity Prayer

This serenity prayer was one of the first quotes I printed out and pinned on my pin board in my office, as a daily reminder (sometimes hourly) to not get myself stressed out about things which I simply could not change.

That was when I still believed that I had to change things. Nowadays I am beginning to understand that there is nothing I NEED to change.

When change is due, it will come to me and I will what needs to be done without getting myself too excited, just with the necessary serenity. The serenity prayer is a daily quote which is used at the AA meetings.

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