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Right Brain Left Brain – Test Your Brain

Test Your Brain with this right brain left brain test and find out which of your two brain halves is dominant. Do you do more left brain or right brain thinking?

Are You Left or Right Brain Thinking?

When people refer to left brain thinking, they mean that the logical, analytical, reasonable side of our brain is doing the main work.

Of course it is never only one hemisphere doing all the thinking; that would be only possible if the other side was completely damaged. With research we have figured out that the left brain is where the analytical and reasonable thoughts are managed. We also call it the male side of the brain.

Right brain thinking is referred to when we follow our feelings or instinct despite logic or reason telling us otherwise. It is said that inspirations and feelings are processed through the right hemisphere. We also call it the female side of our brain. A very powerful tool to activate the abilities of the non-dominant side of our brain is with Hemisperic Synchronisation or Hemi Sync.

Right Brain & Left Brain Attributes

The LEFT brain attributes are:

  • logic
  • reason
  • mathematics
  • the male
  • associated with the YANG
  • controls the RIGHT part of the body

The RIGHT brain’s attributes are:

  • creative
  • emotional
  • holistic processing
  • the female
  • associated with the YIN
  • controls de LEFT part of the body

Right Brain Left Brain Test

Click on Brain TEST which will open in a new window, taking you to our friend’s site MENTALUP, who are developing apps for children’s brain training. This page will remain open to return here after the test, and letting me know what your results are.

The brain test will take you about 5 minutes to do the test. At the end you will receive the results telling you which one of your two hemispheres is more dominant.

Right Brain Left Brain Test results

Brain Dominance JudithMy Brain Test Results

Here you can see my left brain/right brain dominance: 75% RIGHT BRAIN. Quite accurate as I approach my taks and problems in a creative way and make many of my decisions based on intuition and instinct. 

Train the Dormant Brain

If you feel you are not analytical enough, or emotional enough, it is not that the ability in your brain is missing. Throughout your life you have used some abilities of your brain more than others and therefore know how to access them.

The goal is to develop the dormant talents which are already there, but for some reason you never accessed enough. Maybe you were not allowed as a child. Or in the society you grew up it was uncool to have a certain ability.

An stereotype example still applies today: Some societies don’t encourage boys to be emotional, while girls maybe forbidden to engage in developing their analytical-mathematical side. Find more information in the article Left Brain Right Brain Balancing.

Balancing Your Brain

Balancing your brain will help you access the dormant powers of your mind and brain. The best brain-balancing tool that I know are the safe Binaural Beats in Hemi-Sync recordings.

Hemi-Sync synchronizes the two hemispheres, while teaching you at the same time how to access a state of mental, physical and emotional well-being.

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