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Q: Self-Hypnosis with Hemi-Sync?


Can I do self-hypnosis with Hemi-Sync? I would like to learn self-hypnosis with Hemi-Sync. Is this possible? Which Hemi-Sync Albums do you recommend? ∼ Klemens (Berlin, Germany)


Dear Clemens,

This is a very important question, because many ask me this in my work-shops. Many verbally guided meditation tracks with Hemi-Sync can very much help you to do self-hypnosis. You will learn first to completely relax each part of your body, set your intent, and then turn your contemplation towards other matters of your concern.

In my humble opinion there is no better way to learn self hypnosis than with Hemi-Sync. In this article About Self Hypnosis you can find instructions on how to do self hypnosis with Hemi-Sync. I hope you find it useful.

Enjoy∼ Judith


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