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Learn 4 Powerful Stress Management Strategies

There are four different stress management strategies using the powerful mind and brain enhancing Hemi-Sync technology.

Four powerful Stress Management Strategies

Below you will find Mindfood and Human Plus. Mindfood is a stress management technique which relaxes you while you are listening to the Hemi Sync recordings. Human Plus on the other hand aids you after the recording by teaching you to self-program your subconscious mind.

In part II of the stress management techniques  you will find Visual Stimulation and a big choice of Metamusic titles, which will help you relax both, your body and mind.

Mindfood for Stress Release

Human Plus for Stress Release

Good Stress Management

Good Stress Management Strategies can improve your working and private life tremendously. Relaxation is the key! 

Pick one of the albums above and listen to a sample which will kindle your curiosity. Any of the albums below you can download to your device instantly and listen to them in the comfort of your own home.

Robert Monroe, the founder of Hemi-Sync and the Monroe Institute was a high flying executive of his time. He knew how important relaxation was and developed many very effective Hemi-Sync albums to help others lead more fulfilled lives.

Take Time Out for Yourself!

First and foremost, take some time-out for yourself! An hour a day dedicated to your peace of mind can do wonders to your well being. And people around you will thank you for becoming a more balanced individual. 

Hemi-Sync signals will help you relax like no other tool out there can. Just listen to the exercises while you meditate, recieve a massage or go for a walk. Or simply sit down and listen to one of the guided meditations and allow yourself to take it in.

Stress Management Strategies Part II

Stress Management Strategies - Oasis Hemi-Sync MeditationIn Part II of the Stress Management Strategies you will find powerful relaxation music recordings without verbal guidance.

Metamusic is simply the most relaxing and beautifully composed music containing Hemi-Sync signals. In part II you will also find special DVDs with Visual stimulation of sacred geometric symbols and colours combined with metamusic.

Check out also the support albums for Anger Management Courses. There are some recordings which may be interesting for you.

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