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HS DRAFT: Learn Stress Management Strategies And Relaxation with Hemi-Sync – Part I

There are four different stress management strategies using the powerful Hemi-Sync technology:

Below you will find Mindfood, which relaxes you while you are listening to the Hemi Sync recordings. Human Plus aids you by programming your subconscious mind.

In Part II of the stress management strategies  you will find Visual Stimulation and Metamusic, which will relax both your body and mind.

Good Stress Management Strategies can improve your working and private life tremendously. Relaxation is the key – and that in the comfort of your own home with the instant download.

Robert Monroe, a high flying executive of his time, knew how important relaxation is and developed many very effectiveHemi-Sync recordings to help lead more fulfilled lives.

Pick one of the below CDs which kindles your curiosity. You can have it sent to your home or download it right away.

Mindfood: Verbal & Non-verbal

ST006Deep 10 Relaxation CD – $15.96Abandon your cares as verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync transport you to a blissful state of total relaxation followed by natural, restful sleep. Deep 10 Relaxation is a highly effective, time-proven means to counteract the negative effects of stress in your life. Anxiety and daily concerns seem to float away as you move into progressively deeper states of mental and physical calm. Track 1 contains verbal guidance; Track 2 continues your sleep cycle without words. Be kind to yourself. Use the popular Deep 10 Relaxation to rejuvenate both mind and body and leave your cares behind. Mind Food, Track 1 – Verbal; Track 2 – Non-verbal,64 min


MF002Energy Walk CD – $15.96Obtain greater vitality and personal strength with a verbally guided inner journey to natural sources of energy. Use Energy Walk to achieve greater balance and harmony and support the perfect functioning of mind and body. Hemi-Sync sound patterns facilitate deepening states of relaxation throughout your journey, until you drift gently into a restful sleep. (Mind Food – verbally guided – 45 min.)


ST001Catnapper CD – $15.96Enjoy a totally refreshing nap in only 30 minutes. Verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync provide you with a unique opportunity to obtain deeply restorative rest. Benefit from Catnapper‘s proven effectiveness during work or study breaks or to re-energize for the evening. Catnapper is also effective for countering the effects of jet lag, coping with irregular schedules or as the ultimate pick-me-up anytime. (Mind Food – Verbally guided – 30 min.)


MF057Chakra Meditation with Hemi-Sync CD – $15.96Dolphin sounds and music combine to help align and balance each of the seven major chakras in this verbally guided Hemi-Sync exercise, created and voiced by Eluv. The affirmations included here will help to optimize each chakra for an overall sense of well-being. Features two tracks; Track 1 is a 51-minute extended meditation to fully open and deepen the process; Track 2 is a 23-minute abridged version for a quick balance and alignment.


MF015Resonant Tuning CD – $15.96Resonant Tuning combines a vocal/breathing exercise and Hemi-Sync to reduce your internal dialogue. This time-proven exercise may be used in preparation for entering meditative states or simply to quiet an overactive mind. It also promotes an accelerated gathering of your subtle life-force energies. Enjoy a heightened sense of these energies as they become revitalized with Resonant Tuning and benefit from their healthful influences on both mind and body. (Mind Food – Nonverbal) 30 min.


MF051Hemi-Sync Relaxation CD – $15.96Experience total relaxation with this verbally guided exercise voiced by Dr. C. Norman Shealy. It uses a progressive relaxation technique along with Hemi-Sync® audio signals to gently guide you into a deep, receptive state of relaxation. While in this state, you will hear positive affirmations for health and well-being. As a pioneer in the field of alternative medicine, Dr. Shealy has helped medical practitioners to understand more fully the power of the mind-body connection and its relationship to maintaining or restoring wellness following a trauma such as surgery or a life-threatening disease. Length: 50 minutes


MF017Soft & Still CD – $15.96Enjoy the power and solitude of the sea with sounds of ocean surf, subtle music, and Hemi-Sync?. Drift gently into mental and physical relaxation with the calming, natural energy of the tides. Allow tensions to melt away and open yourself to state of creative reflection. (Mind Food – Nonverbal) 30 min.


MF021Surf Digital Download – $11.97Relax – let your tensions ebb away with the soothing sounds of ocean surf and Hemi-Sync. Surf uses the gentle rhythms of nature to immerse you into progressively deeper states of relaxation until you are enveloped in a sense of inner peace and well-being. This Hemi-Sync favorite provides a welcome opportunity for inner reflection, and is ideal for inspiration and creativity. (Mind Food – Nonverbal) 46 minutes.


Human Plus: Verbal Stress Management Strategies

HP065Passages CD – $15.96Support and enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being as you experience normal fluctuations in hormonal balance. Hormonal changes occur periodically from puberty to old age, and imbalances can negatively affect one’s quality of life. Use Passages to ease the effects of these imbalances, to feel more regulated and empowered, and to promote more peaceful and satisfying life changes. Length: 66 minutes.


HP026Recharge CD – $15.96Feel refreshed and revitalized following a short catnap. Recharge teaches you a simple method you can use anytime, anywhere to restore energy and can help you cope with mental or emotional overload. Use to establish balance and equalization throughout your entire system and awaken fresh and alert. (Human Plus – verbally guided) 60 min.


HP030Reset CD – $15.96Shift your mental, emotional and physical states from “down and out” to “up and energetic.” Learn a simple method you can use anytime, anywhere to infuse your entire being with positive energy while helping you remain calm and confident. Reset is useful in countering depression or fatigue. (Human Plus – verbally guided) 60 min.


Hemi-Sync signals will help you relax like no other tool out there. Just listen to the CDs while you meditate, recieve a massage, go for a walk or when you simply sit down and listen to one of the guided meditations above.

Take some time-out for yourself. An hour a day dedicated to your peace of mind can do wonders to your well being.

Go to Part II of the Stress Management Strategies which are powerful relaxation music recordings without verbal guidance:

Metamusic is simply the most relaxing and beautifully composed music. There you will also find special DVDs with Visual stimulation of sacred geometric symbols and colours combined with metamusic.

Check out also the support tapes for Anger Management Courses. There are some recordings which may be interesting for you.

Other helpful techniques you can find at Relaxation Techniques For Healthy Living. This page will open in a new window.


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Disclaimer by Monroe Products

While many of the Hemi-Sync® products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.

DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® while driving or operating heavy equipment, or with other devices that may influence brain-wave activity.

If you have a tendency towards seizures, auditory disorders, or adverse mental conditions(s), DO NOT listen to Hemi-Sync® without first consulting your physician.

In the unlikely event that you experience any unusual physical or mental discomfort, immediately discontinue use.

DO NOT reproduce Hemi-Sync® products or use with Dolby® or other noise-reduction systems. Doing so will diminish the effectiveness of the Hemi-Sync® signals.

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