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Stress Management Techniques Non Verbal (Part II)

Non-verbal Stress Management Techniques Part II: If you combine these with verbally guided stress management techniques you will multiply the effectiveness. Find them in Stress Management Strategies Part I.

Powerful Meditation Metamusic

Powerful relaxation and meditation music stimulating your mind and brain with Hemi-Sync without verbal guidance. On this page you will find three types of albums, especially designed for supporting any stress management techniques:

  • Metamusic, which are beautiful musical non-verbal relaxation recordings using Hemi-Sync signals.
  • Mindfood, with special sound effects like ocean surf or human voices humming the OHM.
  • Visual Stimualtion on DVD combined with metamusic.

You can listen to the samples, choose what you like and download to your device. Within moments you will begin to let go and relax body and mind.

Metamusic for Stress Management Techniques

Best Non-verbal Choice of Metamusic for the support of stress management techniques. You can listen to a 3 minutes sample of each of the below albums. Pick the ones you like, download and listen to your chosen recordings when you are undisturbed for an hour.

Ask someone to look after you children, switch off the phones and doorbell and dedicate your attention to your own peace of your mind. This is your special time – don’t let yourself be disturbed.

Afterwards you will feel replenished and energized. You will approach the new tasks with patience and serenity. 

Mindfood: Non-Verbal

Visual Stimulation

A Special Treat amongst the Stress Management Techniques with light, binaural beats, special effects, sacred geometry and beautiful music. 

Verbally Guided Stress Management Techniques

If you prefer verbally guided relaxation techniques go to Part I of Stress Management Techniques. You can find additional mind power tips under Supporting Anger Managment Courses.

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