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We are all Humans!

We are all Humans! And we are all ONE! I mean it literally. We may appear different in size, gender, colour, even with our beliefs and habits. But we ALL strive for the same value. #weareallone #weareone

🔆 We want to find that person in our lives, who will help us unleash the love within us.

❤ The purpose of finding a partner is never about: Does he or she love me? No.

▶️ It is about: Can I love him or her?

⭐ Children are the messengers of love. They are pure and innocent. And ALL of us are drawn to protect the little ones. No matter what race or religion.

🌀Even baby animals awaken the feeling of protective love in us, and that’s why we love our kittens and puppies instantly.

🔆 We are all one. If your religion or community does NOT teach you that, yet you feel the ONENESS deeply inside you, find a new community which can help you enforce this feeling of ONENESS.

I have grown up as a Catholic in Austria. Stopped practicing early in my life, as I had the freedom to do so. In 2008/2009 A Course in Miracles appeared in my life and I began studying the course. After I finished the 365 Lesson of the Workbook in May 2010, nothing was the same again. I could not pretend anymore that I did not know what I began to understand.

I repeated the ACIM – acronym for A Course in Miracles – in 2011 to 2013. The second time it took me over two years to finish it. 

❓ What about you? What is your guiding philosophy in your life?

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