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Weekly Qigong Classes in Gran Canaria

Now you have various possibilities to participate with me in LUCID MIND QIGONG – Chi Kung Gran Canaria. I hold the classes in two languages SPANISH & ENGLISH ( and also in German if necessary.) Chi Kung Gran Canaria – Lucid Qigong

Qigong Gran Canaria

Qigong Benefits

Qigong is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has many benefits:

  • Improves the body composition
  • Improves resistance
  • Strengthens the skeletal & bone structure
  • Improves the energy flow
  • Improves the circulationin the body
  • Increases respiratory capacity
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases joint mobility
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Strengthens the sport endurance
  • Improves concentration and work focus
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves our health in general

Where and when you can participate:


  • Thursdays and Saturdays in San Agustin
  • Sundays in Las Palmas
  • Soon Online
  • Please contact me, Judith, on +34 649 962 075 for more info


I am also holding regular workshop to Qigong beginners and at the moment recording YouTube Videos. So you can find me on Youtube clicking here


Who can participate in Qigong Gran Canaria Class?

Everybody is welcome, as most of the exercises can be adapted to be done standing up, seated on a chair or seated on the floor. In Qigong we only recommend to have the head higher than the pelvis to help the natural flow of rising and falling of Qi.

Qigong Reduced Mobility

So I hope to see you soon in one of my classes.

Thank you so much for reading my post. It means a lot! I would love to know your thoughts! You can leave a comment if you like, just scroll down below. I will answer it as soon as I can. I have put together some articles which might interest you. Otherwise come and join me on Instagram. Yours, Judith

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Qigong Classes in Gran Canaria”

  1. Hi Judith, i will be in mas Paloma’s area from Feb 18 to march 18. I would love to learn chi gong. I have never taken a class and would need to start beginner level. Would you have any availability around those dates?

    • Hello Kim, so sotty I never saw your message before. You can learn Qigong with me online if you like. My tel number is: +34 649 962 075, send me a WhatsApp if you have any more question about Qigong. Love and Blessings, Judith

  2. Hola Hola !
    This sounds like a beautiful oppurtunity to explore more of the energetic vibrations that we humans produce. Are there any class-offerings in the beginning/middle of January ?
    I would really like to participate and connect. I am a absolut beginner in QI-Gong, but I have some Yoga Experience.
    Greetings and Namaste

    • Hello Florian, of course you can participate in Qigong. We have a separate introduction class. Please call me or send me a WhatsApp on +34 649 962 075.


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