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Q: What effects have Binaural Beats on NDE’rs


I had the typical NDE. I died on the operating table, found myself in front of a tunnel that was pitch black. There was no light at the end of it and no deceased relatives or friends waiting for me.

I’ve always had empathic abilities so no surprise that I felt something very sinister in the blackness of the tunnel. I refused to go in the tunnel. It seemed like I was just standing there in front of it for a day but subconsciously I knew that it had only been minutes.

I was very aware that I had passed over.

Finally a light appeared over my head and engulfed me, it communicated with me like a psychic whisper that I wasn’t supposed to be there. I remember feeling so safe and warm in the light, it felt like home. I did not want to leave the light.

Obviously, I was resuscitated. But I immediately was depressed that I was no longer in the light. I’m very curious about the after effects on NDEr’s as I’ve had quite a few strange things happening.

I have to keep my cell phone on a charger now, I can drain it in 2 minutes. My husband handing me his brand new phone to test my theory, took me 5 minutes to drain its battery. I’ve had problems with computers either running excruciatingly slow, stopping all together, or running crazy glitchy like.

I’ve also discovered that I am greatly stimulated by binaural beats. I’ve listened to them prior to my NDE but they never seemed to work for me. Now when I listen to them my brain or head starts feeling really tingly and fuzzy like.

Has any kind of research ever been done on the effects of binaural beats on NDEr’s?

∼ Laura


Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I find NDEs so incredibly interesting probably because I never have had one, or not one that I can consciously remember.

Anyhow, to answer your last question first. I am not sure if there has been done any research on NDErs and the effect ofbinaural beats. But there has been done lot of research by the Monroe Institute on the effects of binaural beats on people in general, only they call their technology Hemi-Sync.

Many people who come for a course at the Monroe Institute come because they have had a near death experience and urgently need more answers. Hemi Sync helps them re-enter the realms they have experienced during their NDE, and get some of their emerging questions answered.

So maybe that is avenue you could try. You can investigate in their course schedule if there is course near you or you could try to do a course at home.

Another thing I found very interesting in your story that you could see a tunnel but no light in it.

It reminds me so much of my Out Of Body Experiences, where I am standing in a tunnel or behind a rock and I see a light at the end. As I try to move towards the light, as I intend to do it, the opposite happens. I increase the distance between me and the light. I kind of move away.

I experienced this many, many times until I eventually, totally frustrated, gave up and did not try to move towards the light.

Eventually I just let myself fall simply to see what would happen. Next I had this amazing understanding, as if someone was trying to teach me something, as if I tapped into someone else’s wisdom.

I understood following: “There is no tunnel, there is only light. You are in it already, all the time, always, you never left. Only because you cannot see it with your physical eyes, it does not mean it is not there. By placing the light in your perception at the end of a tunnel, you perceive yourself far away from the light. The light becomes out of reach.”

Of course returning back to this reality it took me quite some time to make sense of this. In fact I am still working on it.

So I am quite sure that your experience is somewhat overwhelming to you, too. The most important thing is that you find people whom you can talk with about this, and who actually understand what you have been and are going through.

That is of course why I am so grateful to you for sharing your story here. It helps me reconnect with the inner wisdom we all are part of.

∼ Judith

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