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What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is a Lucid DreamingWhat is Lucid Dreaming, you wonder? My guess is that deep inside you already know from experience without knowing, that these extremely vivid dreams you keep having, had their own name.

So, what is Lucid Dreaming?

A Lucid Dream is one of those really vivid dreams. When your dream feels more real than your wakeful reality itself and the next day you could not forget it.

An advanced form of a lucid dream is when you become lucid (clear, awake, full of clarity) within the dream and when you are able to take conscious decisions to do or say a particular thing, without waking up. Maybe you know that you are asleep. Or maybe you have the capacity to observe the dream scenes from without while you can interact with the dream figures at the same time from within.

Your waking up may also feel different. It is as if you are stepping from the dream reality into your normal wake reality. Sometimes it feels as if you have not really slept at all, yet you feel more relaxed then ever.

You may receive significant messages from the dream figures in your dream, or you are shown something important by a kind of guide. You may even have precognitive dreams seeing things which occur days, weeks or months later.

It is one of those dreams you remember in detail even decades later. That is a LUCID DREAM.

How often do we Lucid Dream?

Most people have a few spontaneous lucid dreams during their life time. Some people have many lucid dreams, at least one per week, without necessarily knowing what this strange ability is actually called.

Then there are those, who have recognized their incredible dream capability, that it has a name and that one can learn to become LUCID within any given dream. For them lucid dreaming has become a passion, an exciting nightly adventure which they share with an ever growing group of people in the world.

Powerful Lucid Dreaming TechniquesPowerful Lucid Dreaming Techniques

And then there are the advanced lucid dreamers. They can induce a lucid dream almost every time they go to sleep.

Some of those top experts can induce a lucid dream while they are awake. This kind is then called a WILD in the lucid dreaming circles – a Wake Induced Lucid Dream. At this level it is hard to distinguish what is a lucid dream and what an out of body experience or a remote viewing.

If you would like to jump-start your lucid dreaming adventure, pick one of the extra-ordinary on-line courses I recommend at the Powerful Lucid Dreaming Techniques.

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