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Activate Your Body’s Healing Power

You already have all the healing power within you. When you cut yourself, your blood rushes immediatly to the injury and within less than a minute your body’s healing power is activated. And the healing process begins.

Your Body is Resilient

Your body is resilient. And strong. Your body is a whole universe of zillions of living cells or organisms listening to your thoughts and feelings. And your body is constantly watching your actions. And interestingly enough, it is always following your lead.

Your Body is an Amazing Tool

Your body is an amazing and your most precious tool. It is serving you every second of your human experience on this Earth. Sometime it complains, and it warns you. When you do not listen, it starts screaming with pain, and numbness, and tiredness. If you still don’t listen, then it can become ill, or make you do irrational things to call your attention.

Body's Healing Power

Your Body Belongs to You!

Your precious body belongs to you. And, to you alone. Nobody else has rights to your body, in truth. You can lend your willingness to work to other people. You can go to the doctor to help your body’s healing process. But ultimately, the responsibility for your body is yours alone.

Are you Treating your Body Well?

Are you treating your body well? What thoughts do you allow to linger in your mind? What actions are you making your body do? How do you nourish it?

You must look after your body and you have to keep your thoughts focussed on the good. Looking after your body means to feed it well, to connect with nature, to exercise, to not expose it too much to unhealthy situations like drinking excessively, smoking or taking drugs. But also making sure that the air is clean.

Why do we get ill?

There are different reason why a human body becomes ill, but usually it is because the balance between mind, body and soul has gone out of wack. The humen system has been knocked out of balance. So, you need to bring it back into balance.

Once you we do get ill, it is hard and painful, and sometimes even devastating.  But there is always a lesson in the situation. And more often then not, the lessons are not only meant for you, but also for the people around you. We see this in the case of children. There is not so much for them to learn, as they have only just started their life on Earth. But there is a lot to learn for the people around them

Activate your body’s Healing Power

You already have all the healing power within you. Listen within, and let your body tell you what it needs. If you start paying attention to your body it will start telling you quietly what you need to do to improve your health.

Here the first 3 Steps to ativate your body’s natural healing power:

  • REMEMBER: First, you need to remember that you are a divine being having a human experience. And your body is a tool which is helping you manifest on this Earth what you came here to do.

    It may sound totally alien to you, or maybe you are afraid to admit it to yourself. But the mere fact that you are reading these lines, is because you needed to be reminded. Now, you are not your body, and you are not your mind either. Your are the SELF which is quietly observing and waiting to ditch the platitudes of the ego self and return to the True Self that you really are.

  • CONNECT TO YOUR BODY: Do this small meditation every morning or evening for 10 – 20 minutes. The more often you do, the better you will get at it.

    Sit down for a few minutes and observe your surroundings. Then put a smile on your face as you are becoming aware of your surroundings. Then turn the smile inwards, into your body. Let the smiling energy trickle down into your heart, and let it spread there until your heart smiles back at you. Then smile at your organs, one by one and see if they can smile back at you.

    Then say this to your body: I trust you. I love you. Thank you for carrying me through life and bringing me so far. Please forgive me for neglecting you. I love you. I trust you.

  • LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY & MIND: You are in control. Let that sink in: You are in control. Please say it out loud: “I am in control.” And observe how that feels. So, you are in control of your mind, and your mind is in control of your body. In other words your are in control of what thoughts are going through your mind.

    Being in control also means that you have the full responsibility for body and mind. Don’t be afraid of that. Being in control, ultimately gives you freedom to take your life where you want it to be.

Let me know if this speaks to you. Do tell your thoughts. And share this with someone who needs to hear this.

You already have all the healing power within you


If you want to know more about the body’s ability to heal itself, read this article by Dr. Lunquist at the Temacula Center for Integrative Health

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